Wednesday, May 4, 2011

youve changed me inside.

this year has been one full of memories i shall treasure. i found a friend for a lifetime. i don't know if my heart could hold more love for him! he's such a good person, i'm so lucky to be his friend, so fortunate to have met him. he changed me, i'm a different person, and its good. i'm completely myself with him, he knows i'm a nerd, dork, and a big goof ball. he's heard me sing, good and bad. he laughs when i'm not funny and hugged away my fears. he cared for me when i was sick, listened to my stories over and over, wants to know the real me. he helped me move on, realize life isn't for regrets, but living.he helped me be happy and find out who i need to be. he's really my best friend, and i don't think he'll ever realize just how good for me he is. he's worth it all. and i know our friendship is not a mistake, but Gods plan.
i dont want to lose you. so i'm holding on to everything. every smile, word, joke, laugh, look, minute and touch we share, i'll hold onto forever.

meu amor para sempre lhama!