Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boys, Bugs and Proverbs.

‎"Black as hell, Strong as death, Sweet as love." - Turkish proverb

I saw this at a coffee shop in downtown Chatty this week. I thought is was super cool! I'm pretty sure its talking about the wonderful coffee Turkish people drink. If you've never had Turkish coffee, get on it. Its really good. The coffee is thick, rich and syrupy with a chocolate flavor. Yummm! Maybe its talking about a boy? Yes? No? I mean, I love coffee and boys! So I think i'll just apply this to both. hehe

Bugs? I think not. I hate them. Thats why I need: "boys that aren't afraid of bugs, That will always give me big warm hugs." One day I'll find him.
 I like boys that like to smile. Laugh at themselves once in awhile. That can sit and talk for hours. Then in the morning pick me flowers. Boys that like to be very clean. That are never ever, ever mean. And can tell a witty joke. Boys that do not like to smoke. 

I like boys that aren't afraid of bugs, That will always give me big warm hugs. Like to sing and play guitar, That are happy being who they are. Boys that like to be outside. And that aren't full of pride. Boys that have an honest passion with at least a slight hint of fashion.

I like that boys that are funny and artistic. That are mostly optimistic. Boys that are not very lazy, A little weird but not too crazy. Boys that aren't afraid to cry, And will always give a second try. And will try to do they're best, I want a boy not like the rest
I did not write that! Poema did, they're a great band. Check em out here 
Im having a great time here in Dayton....peace out my loves!

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