Sunday, February 27, 2011

theres no place like HOME

wheres my home you say?

try and guess! i bet you cant figure it out. its the only country that has my heart. it never will get old and boring, i will never stop wanting to be there, i cant stay away from it. because home is where the heart it, and in 2006,  i left my heart in Brasil. i didnt expect to fall so in love with a country so different than my own. i feel so normal there; i fit in, besides the language barrier. the people, the food, the culture, Brasil as a whole is just ahmazing to me. its all so beautiful.
joao pessoa is a great beach spot, a feast for the eyes, but thats not what brings me back. those faces do. the ones that need me; the ones that need Jesus. their pull on my heart is the hardest. i cant wait to get back, only a few more months till im homeward bound. and what a joyous day that will be!

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