Sunday, October 10, 2010


i haven't blogged in a week. whoops. i've been really busy with work and just trying to keep up with friends and family. i leave for TN in 6 days to visit my wonderful soul sister alexandria. i haven't seen her in about  months! i'm so so excited! i will try and wear my dress as much as i can up there. it might be hard because of the weather, but i'll do my best!! its been an interesting 10 days. i'm not tired of wearing the dress yet, i'm just tired of having to sit lady-like all the time! haha. its is a struggle sometimes to find something creative to wear with my dress, but i always work it out. most of the time it something little, like a necklace or scarf. then sometimes i put on a sweater or leggings, which is a more noticeable change. 
side note, i'm working on a "baristas creed". its gonna be things about all starbucks baristas live by. its gonna be pretty legit. black friday is upon us! i cant wait to hang out for all the craziness  all night long!
i've been sining with the worship team at church on sunday mornings, and lemme tell you..its been scary. i normally HATE being in front of people while singing! but i have been having fun, and i think i could keep this up.
soon, i will be blogging some cool posts about my life. they're called: "who i am hates who i"ve been" and " this is me". keep your eyes peeled.....i'm not really sure what else to write about so i sign off!
love love

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