Monday, November 1, 2010

1 Dress, 31 Days

THE OCTOBER DRESS PROJECT 2010 IS COMPLETE! Hurrah!! I had so much fun this month! When I first started, I was a little nervous, I didn't think I could do it. Well, I proved myself, and my family/ friends wrong!
"this project is also about discovering beauty, simplicity, and creativity. "  
I learned all of the above this month. Most days i had to think hard about what I could put with the dress, what I hadn't already done. I ended up cutting the dress 2 different times to change it up. After I cut the dress, I loved it even more! 

One thing that i thought about a lot was this: what if this was really my only dress? What if this was the only piece of clothing I had? So many children around the world aren't as privileged as you and I to have plenty of clothes. It made me very thankful for what I do have. I am happy to put on shorts and a t-shirt today, and as I do, I thank God for all He was provided for me.

"to some: it will encourage creativity and put the focus on real beauty by breaking out of the usual cycle of fashion.
to others: it will challenge them to re-think their consumerism.
and to others: it will root them in commitment, sisterhood, self-control, or loyalty.
what will it be for you?"

For me, it helped me learn lots of things.  I had a blast this month. I think every girl should try this. It helps you become more creative, it helps you realize inner beauty [which is a big one for most girls] and it helps you be thankful with what you have! I cant wait till next year to start this all over again!
The Whole Month!

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