Thursday, December 30, 2010

the best of twenty-ten.

the year of 2010 has been the greatest year of my short 18 year old life. so many awesome things have happened to me! only with God, have i been able to get through this year. its been hard and beautiful, all at the same time. i've meet crazy cool people, went to some awesome places and accomplished at least 1 thing on my bucket list. here are some highlights:
-senior year baby
-golden bday. 18 on the 18th
-3yrs at Starbucks, and became a shift supervisor
-2010 prom queen
-graduation class speaker
-LOST <3
-migrant camp outreaches
-the 4 best friends
-dreads, and multiple hair colors
-nose and cartilage piercings
-lots and lots of tie-dying
-trips to TN
-october dress project
-meeting knate from anberlin
-tag wars
-ryan michael moddrow
-punk'in carving
-bonfires and late nights
-mac computers and new cameras
-new friends
-trevor hall

i have a great group of friends, we’re inseparable, and that healed my heart more than i can say! people who listen and love on you make life better. they make you wanna change, be a different, better person. this year, i found those kids. and i dont have any intention of ever letting them go. they have my heart, they truly love me and stick beside me thru everything. words dont seem to do justice on how much they mean to me. I LOVE YOU BRETT HOEHNE, ELISABETH HERRIMAN, AND GAVIN HAWKINS. of course theres still my soul sister ALEXANDRIA, who is my love, and sister of my heart. she never ceases to amaze me, life is better with her by my side. my family is wonderful too, the reason for my existence!
 the coolest thing ive learned this year is joy, utter happiness. i’ve discovered such joy in everything i do; whether its making a latte, playing soccer with mexicans, listening to reggae and working my dreads or being with the ones i truly love. i am happy, so happy. God has blessed me so much, and i finally see that. i strive to keep that mindset. i need to be thankful for what i have, im just so lucky to be here. 
i lost a good friend this year, Ryan. Ryan was an amazing man of God, and Ryan’s death taught me to value life, its shorter than you think. i learned a lot this year because of him. i wish i was closer to him, but the time we spend together in school impacted me. i miss him. he wrote this before he died: “ i wanna live a life worthy of Your calling. remove all the things that hinder me from loving You, because i don’t want to regret on the day i stand before you, may i be found a pure and spotless bride, ready for my King” and now ive made it my life quote now. i wanna be just like that.
last year at this time, i didnt want 2009 to end. i was afraid of the unknown new year. but 2010 has been the greatest time of my life. i cant get over how wonderful this year has been! im such a blessed Daughter of the King!! as the year ends, im not too afraid of the new year, im excited to grow up some more, to travel, to experience more life and meet more people.i cant wait for what God has in store for me! hopefully it involves you :)
thank you for your part in my life, i wouldnt be me, if it wasnt for you in my life.

Love all serve all and create no sorrow

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