Monday, January 31, 2011

If its love...

NO im not in love. in love with the idea of love? maybe. so you might classify me as a "hopeless romantic," but i know im not hopeless. my perfect love is out there, waiting for the right time, and thats got me happy!
ya know, i just adore wedding photos. so so much. its fun to look at other people all lovey-dovey and such. i love looking at the different genres of weddings, dresses and receptions. it makes my heart happy! one photographer that i have been enjoying is Lydia Jane. i saw her work on a friends page, and i just ate it up. her pictures are great and i love all her friends style of weddings. this one is my fav. i think i want my wedding to be kinda like that. it seems like everyone around me is getting engaged, and i think its lovely. i cant wait to attend weddings. weddings are one of my favorite occasions. you cant help but me happy when you are at one!
should i stop rambling about weddings? yes. am i gonna stop looking at so many wedding photos? no. you probably think im silly, and thats ok! say, what do you think of my new blog layout? yay or nay?

 - to Zion, i'll fly on!

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